Next Event: Monday 23rd December 2019 7:30pm

Monday 23rd December 2019
Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer's Festive Pick and Mix

Swan & Dyers Winter Warmer Pick & Mix will appeal to those who associate Christmas with carols, singing, dancing and the joy of being together as family and friends.

Vicki & Jonny have created a show that brings together classic Christmas carols, winter stories, Scandinavian Christmas . It is informative, fun and full of chorus songs that you’ll know and stories that you probably won't.

Multi-instrumentalists and storytellers of the highest calibre, you have no idea what you're going to see next, but we know you'll love it.

St Barnabas Church, Claude Ince Avenue, Tye Green, Cressing, CM77 8HL
Tuesday 18th December 2018
Doors open at 7:00pm | Concert starts at 7:30pm
Tea, coffee and cake available (bring your own beer)
Tickets: £8 adults, £5 children under 16

Coming Events

Monday 23rd December 2019
Vicki & Jonny from the village are back for their annual Christmas Celebration at St Barnabas.

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